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Aromatherapy for Pain

If you’re in pain, you’d do pretty much everything to relieve it. While you might be tempted to reach for prescription drugs or an over the counter pain reliever, you might want to consider aromatherapy or essential oils. Oils are a great alternative or supplement to your pain relief and have a myriad of benefits. Oils have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments such as headaches, inflammation, depression, sleep disorders, and much more. Essential oils are highly fragrant substances found within the petals, stems, roots, and other parts of plants. They’re typically removed from the plant through steam distillation. According to Healthline, these oils pull double duty by easing muscle pain and swelling.

You can use them separately or combine them to create your own blend:

  • Lavender oil. Lavender is prized for its ability to calm and relax. It also relieves pain and inflammation.

  • Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus has a cooling effect on muscles and reduces pain and inflammation.

  • Roman and German chamomile oils. Chamomile oils can help with pain and inflammation. They also help soothe muscle tension and reduce spasms.

  • Rosemary oil. Rosemary is noted for its ability to ease pain and inflammation.

  • Yarrow oil. Yarrow is used to reduce pain and inflammation.

Use these oils for tension and swelling

  • Cypress oil. Cypress calms and relaxes muscles spasms and works to soothe inflammation.

  • Sandalwood oil. Sandalwood alleviates muscle spasms, tension, and inflammation.

For pain relief only

You can use one or more of these oils to relieve pain and discomfort:

  • Ginger oil. Ginger has a warming effect on sore muscles, which helps relieve pain.

  • Black pepper oil. Black pepper alleviates pain by warming up your body.

  • Clove oil. Clove is often used to treat pain. It also has a warming effect on sore muscles.

  • For tension relief only

  • Clary sage oil. Clary sage alleviates muscle tension and spasms while promoting relaxation.

  • Juniper oil. Juniper eases tension and eliminates muscle spasms.

For swelling relief only

  • Arnica oil. Arnica relieves inflammation and swelling while soothing the skin. It’s often recommended for bruising.

  • Lemongrass oil. Lemongrass works quickly to reduce inflammation and swelling.

How to use your oils

Essential oils are potent. If they aren’t used properly, they can irritate your skin and actually add to your swelling. Essential oils must be diluted with a carrier oil before application.

Although carrier oils absorb some of the essential oil’s potency, they don’t interfere with its therapeutic properties. They simply reduce your risk for irritation.

A general rule of thumb is to use at least 6 teaspoons of carrier oil for every 15 drops of essential oil. Carrier oils include coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and more.

Essential oils can provide pain relief and many other benefits to help alleviate your pain and discomfort. Oils have been around for centuries and whether you use it alone or to supplement traditional medicine, aromatherapy can prove to be a worthy defender of pain. The team at ANA Pain Management is here to help answer any questions you may have when it comes to pain management and controlling your symptoms. Call or visit us online today to learn more.


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